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Viruction - Construction Safety Made Easy.

Construction Safety Made Easy

We are a dedicated team of IT and Construction Professionals with more than 15 years of experience in construction safety. We know how time-consuming safety training and administrative duties can be on jobsites. That’s why we have come up with an eco-friendly way to make these tasks more convenient, faster, and more efficient.

By law in Canada, you must provide health and safety training to your workers if you have more than three people working in your company. Viruction provides virtual training for workers on construction sites. Our program offers weekly or daily online safety tips and training, with more than 400 topics related to construction including: working at heights, working in confined spaces, WHMIS, and more.

We have eliminated the need for a safety representative to physically gather a group to deliver the required safety tips on site. Instead, your workers can log in to our site and do their training online or directly from their phone using the training module’s voice feature.

Our training modules include short quizzes after each section, to help test your workers’ retention of what they just learned, and you are able to review the scores of each of your employees. 

Because every jobsite has its own hazard and safety regulations, we can quickly customize training modules to suit your requirements. You simply email your topics to us, and within 48 hours, your topics will appear in your account along with the voice feature. 

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